Hi Fi

HiFi.gifAnd there was me thinking I was getting too old for clubbing.
Last week I travelled up to Leeds for the second 24-7 Network day, and managed to pitch up a night early to go out and about on the town to celebrate Anneleen’s birthday.

Having showed up late for what looked like a fantastic Chinese meal, and enjoying the leftovers, we headed out in search of a club. And oh boy, did we find one!
During my student years Leeds was renowned for being the Goth capital of the country, and I even considered going there for that very reason. The other night, Leeds didn’t let me down, as it had obviously continued in its progression through new musical experiences. I danced the night away to the likes of Arcade Fire and The Duke Spirit. I was in my element. Very shiny.

3 thoughts on “Hi Fi”

  1. funny you mentioned your goth days. i was just today explaining goth to little marissa (you remember my pastors’ little girl) who saw a guy at the store with, in her words, “black hair with blue on the ends and he was wearing a long black skirt! can you believe it?” when i rememberd you were going to dig up some old pictures.
    so let’s see ’em. 😉

  2. not me. i was a dull, chubby little youth group goody-two-shoes. i wasn’t allowed to listen to ‘secular’ music and was home-schooled. my friends were all super-geeky social morons that didn’t know who U2 or madonna were and spent more time milking goats than watching tv.
    that’s life in the pacific northwest for you. i think i need some inner healing now.

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