Another Boiler Room Ignites

mainpic.jpgThose mad fools! People are still being inspired by the story of that small group of people, trying to be obedient to the whispers of God, in a dilapidated old pub in Reading around 4 years ago.
So here I am at the launch of the City Boiler Room. Abbess Jude Smith is giving an inspiring talk between times of deeply God-connected worship lead by a band made up of some great friends of hers from Luton. Looking around there are people here who have paid a much higher price than I to be a part of this thing. I guess it reminds me of the hope that we have that God will use these Generation X monasteries to glorify His name in a really powerful way. As I write this, I find myself challenged by that sentence. Maybe God will do something really powerful through the Boiler Room movement. But maybe it’ll be something much quieter. Changed lives. Lives lived with hope where there previously was none. Journeys shared for a time before paths diverge…
…I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.
You can find more of the story of 24-7 in the book Read Moon Rising, and more information on Boiler Rooms at

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