Transmission update 1

Well, we’ve been here for a couple of days now, and we’re experiencing all those little niggles that happen when you’re preparing a festival 😉
Although we’re seeing a few problems, we’re also sensing a building excitement about what God is going to do through Transmission. We had a great prayer time this morning, and everyone is now running around trying to do all those lovely tasks we need to complete over the next couple of days.

While we were putting up our big marquee tent last night, somehow it a large hole got ripped in it. We’re still trying to work out how it happened! Please pray that our repair job would progress well.
Other volunteers are now in the process of producing signs for the site, working out all the logistics for speakers and volunteers, and preparing the Factory, our main venue. Please pray that they would be blessed in what they’re doing!
Our estimates for the numbers of people attending Transmission currently leave us with a bit of a financial challenge, so your prayers for that would be appreciated too!
The weather is fairly inclement at the moment, and we’re hoping that those rain clouds just blow on by for the next few days…
…more updates soon.

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