I had the privilege of accompanying Pete Greig, 24-7’s International Director and ‘sporter’ of many a dodgy haircut over the last few years, as he travelled up to Liverpool to speak at Merseyfest.
We had a great time talking about many of the challenges and excitements of running 24-7, and spent some valuable time talking about how we might deal with the next few months.

On arrival at the Merseyfest site, I was reminded of Transmission, but this festival was on an altogether different scale! Various stressed people were running around trying to make sure that everything was coming together for the thousands of delegates, and it looked like they were doing a pretty good job too!
When the time came to speak, Pete’s message on Joshua 3 (consecrate yourselves, because tomorrow the Lord will do great things amongst you) was intertwined with references to various items of clothing. This was not originally intended to be an integral part of the talk, but when he mentioned thick woolley jumpers, the crowd went wild. Strange lot, those Liverpudlians. The talk culminated with a time of prayer, lifting up leaders in prayer, and literally, with the now classic 24-7 prayer crowd surf. Should we copyright this?!
Having stayed overnight at a friend of Pete’s in North Wales, we travelled back, again sharing thoughts on the year ahead. Finally I arrived home, tired, but having had a great road trip.

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  1. Hi, I went to mf AND IT WAS AMAZING. I learnt so much about me and about God. Y-friday are great our project was number 204 and it was at Taylor park. There was about 20 of us doing it and we’re all from newlife_church congleton. it was awesome. It was my first mission. I loved every minute of itI’m glad I got the opurtunity to make a difference and share God’s love to the world.

  2. Hey!I went to merseyfest too! And i agree it was amazing!!! I met so many new people, I found it really good especially to be meeting other Christians from all around. Do you know of any way of finding the people who we met on the camp during merseyfest?

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